Instrument Rentals

At the Palmer Violin Shop, we believe in making it as easy as possible to play an instrument you love. As the only full-service violin shop in Northwest Arkansas, we offer the highest quality rental instruments in our region, the best professional instrument care and service, and the most generous rent-to-own program – all at affordable rates. Please fill out the following form if you are interested in renting an instrument from us, or download the rental application and bring it in. We would love to be part of your musical journey!
Two beautiful Artigano violins

The Basics

  • We rent the highest quality rental instruments in Northwest Arkansas, which have all been approved/recommended by all public schools and private teachers in our region. Our instruments sound the best and are easiest to play of any rental instruments available in Northwest Arkansas.
  • Violins rent for $20-$30/month plus tax, violas for $30 plus tax, cellos for $40-$50 plus tax, and all basses for $60 plus tax.
  • Maintenance and insurance are included FREE with your rental.
  • We have no hidden fees. There are no fees for switching to a different instrument, “upsizing” your instrument, or returning your instrument. The monthly rental price listed above is all-inclusive.
  • Ours is a month-to-month program. Cancel anytime, with no additional charge.
  • We have the most generous rent-to-own program in Northwest Arkansas. 80% of your total rental payments may be applied to the purchase of any instrument in our shop, including our intermediate and professional-level instruments.
  • We rent violins, violas, cellos, and basses in all sizes, from 1/32 violins to full adult size basses – so your child will never “grow out” of our rental program when she is ready for a full size instrument.
  • We are the only music shop in Northwest Arkansas owned and operated by a professionally trained luthier – so your instrument will be set up to the highest standards and cared for well.
  • Payment is handled through our automatic billing service, which processes payments via automatic bank draft on the first day of the month.
  • To get started, download the rental application, or click the button to the right to fill out the application online.