Advanced Instruments

We carry a broad range of advanced instruments for advancing and professional musicians, including restored European instruments and handmade instruments by Raymond Palmer. Because these instruments are unique and our inventory is ever-growing, we do not list many on our website. We recommend calling us at 479-621-0777 and scheduling an appointment to try our selection of advanced instruments.

Two beautiful violins

Restored European Instruments

The appeal of an older instrument is undeniable. Players are drawn to an instrument that looks like it has an interesting story to tell. Unfortunately, many older instruments have fallen into disrepair and are not able to perform to their full potential.

These instruments are from French, German, and Italian luthiers and workshops and range in date from the early 1800's to the mid 1900's. As these instruments are unique, our selection changes from month to month as instruments are sold and fresh ones come off the bench.

We carefully bring these instruments back to their original vitality through careful restoration. The integrity of the body and varnish is maintained and long-term problems with the instrument are corrected. Once they are ready for sale, we will list them here.

...and many more coming soon!

Handmade Instruments

Raymond Palmer handmade violins and violasare in the hands of symphony musicians, college professors, and highly skilled college students. Mr. Palmer is a graduate of the Violin Making School of America and a former apprentice of master luthier Terry Borman, and he uses his decades of experience with the violin to expertly craft each instrument. Handmade instruments can be made to a player's specifications on a commission basis. Please check this page in the future for pictures of his latest work.
A violin in progress

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