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Palmer Violin Shop
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Violins, cellos &
Other Stringed Instruments

Instruments for Students

View some of our most popular models of violins, violas, and cellos. We carry fine instruments from quality manufacturers, with prices starting under $500.

Sizes available as small as 1/32.

Advanced Instruments

These hand-made instruments are designed for skilled musicians.

These instruments are all hand-made by skilled luthiers, and many of them are made here in the shop.

Stringed Instrument Rental

Violin Rental

Viola Rental

Cello Rental

Bass Rental

Short or long term rentals are available.

Stringed Instrument Repair

We perform adjustments and repairs, large and small, on violins, violas, cellos and basses.

Palmer Violin Shop repairs instruments from all well-known manufacturers, hand made instruments by professional luthiers, and some old or antique instruments.

Handmade Instruments by Raymond Palmer

Violas & Violins

Handmade Violins


Popular Student Instruments (see more)

Century Strings Violin

Century Strings 120 Violin


violin details
Century Strings Violin

Century Strings 220 Violin


violin details
Rosalia Violin Outfit

Violin Outfit


violin details
Century Strings 420 Violin

Century Strings 420 Violin


violin details